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Category -- Wood Engraving

Salt Makers Beach, Iwami Province

Artist:Utagawa Hiroshige
Description:This print depicts the salt beach at the foot of Mt. Takazuno. The Torii gate to the left margin is the entrance to the Kakinomoto Sanctuary situated higher in the mountain

Issued:published 1853
Edition:19th century
Condition:Good overall condition with rich color; bottom and left margins have been lightly trimmed, slight wormage left margin,small hole bottom right and to middle, lightly backed
Image Size:14 X 9.5 inches
Canvas Size:
Signed:Hiroshige gwa
Sealed:censor aratame
Special Label:blockcutter Hori Soji
Publisher:Koshuimuraya Heisuke
Series:60 Views of the Provinces
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