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 Buddhist Images
 Monk in Snowy Landscape
 Mythical Ravens

Japanese Prints are among the world's most beautiful, complex, and expressive works of art. For more than three centuries Japanese printmakers of exceptional skill and vision have created images of enduring beauty.

IWAO AKIYAMA is famous for creating Woodblock Print images of both animals and human figures. His whimsical Prints of animals, landscapes, and people have been collected all over the world. Their titles relate them, with a light touch, to our human experience.

The Woodblock Prints have a clear and vivid cutting edge and the famous 'red dot', an AKIYAMA signature motif, appears somewhere in every one of his Works.

AKIYAMA's son, TAKAHIDE AKIYAMA, who looks after the business end of his father's Works, has said: "Frequently people think of the Art of IWAO AKIYAMA as related to Folk Art. It is true, that he has focused on Folk Lore as related to Nature - especially in his fascination with Owls, Cats, Birds of Prey and a single human figure in Landscape, often in Snow.

Through his Art and inspiration AKIYAMA restores us to nature's innocence and to its importance in our lives and imagination. He recognizes the innate spirit and the essential inner voice of nature that is so easily lost in modern culture today. Thus when we look at AKIYAMA's images, they remind us of nature, of purity and of intuition and restore us to an age of innocence.

AKIYAMA never stops to ponder. He is and always has been a pioneer of the spirit which flows abundantly through his Art and the Haiku poetry that is frequently embodied in his Prints."

Living with AKIYAMA's Woodblock Prints is always an aesthetic and joyful experience. You now have the opportunity to add AKIYAMA's Woodblock Prints to your collection and to purchase them as gifts.

SCRIPTUM is pleased to represent AKIYAMA's Woodblock Prints in the United States. We will be happy to assist you with your purchase. Please review our extensive collection of Prints. We know that you will enjoy them and come away refreshed!

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